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Custom Fields

Add custom fields to Users and Smart Locks and tailor Luckey to meet your unique requirements, capture relevant information, and leverage efficient filtering capabilities.


Experience enhanced efficiency, user satisfaction, and streamlined access control management with the Luckey and Chainels integration.


The integration between Cosoft and Luckey offers a unified solution for workspace management, combining the functionalities of both platforms to streamline operations and enhance user experience


The Luckey-Mews integration is designed to offer a host of benefits that simplify hotel operations and elevate the guest experience.


TopLife’s innovative App and integrated management system function as a seamless interface connecting users, concierge services, and property managers.

Witco Basic

With Witco you can offer your employees a unique work experience: booking meeting rooms and desks, hybrid work management, data and analytics


Luckey integrates Auth0 technology to provide you with cutting-edge authentication compatible with your business processes.


It facilitates the management of business processes through an integrated solution for the management of access data and presence detection.


With Luckey and FAR Booking, the company becomes a safe and pleasant place to work in an organized manner and with digital tools that support smart working.