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Luckey Multi-Site

Luckey’s Multi-Site addon provides a powerful solution for organizations that require independent access control management across various sites.

Temporary PIN Codes

Allow your users to create PINs to manage temporary guests and couriers who need temporary access to the building.

Luckey Custom Application

Discover the power of creating your own customized version of the Luckey mobile application and unlock the full potential of your digital brand.

Big-data Analytics

Create your own graphs and reports and get real-time information on the use of your spaces through an integrated big data platform.

Items Register

Luckey’s digital register provides managers with a practical object and resource management panel integrated with the user App.


Automate workflows, simplify operations, support your users and scale with Nexudus, the white-label platform to manage Coworking and flexible spaces.


The virtual bulletin board allows you to facilitate communication between you and users, optimizing it and reducing costs


Cobot and Luckey are the ideal solution for workspace management, designed with hybrid and flexible workspaces in mind, such as coworking spaces.


The integration between Luckey and OfficeRnD establishes a powerful connection, enabling seamless data synchronization and streamlined access control management.


TopLife’s innovative App and integrated management system function as a seamless interface connecting users, concierge services, and property managers.

Google SSO

Luckey supports Google SSO technology to give your users a consistent login experience across all of your business applications.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to Users and Smart Locks and tailor Luckey to meet your unique requirements, capture relevant information, and leverage efficient filtering capabilities.

Strategic BIM

Luckey and Strategic BIM work together to combine 3D Digital Twin technologies with cloud-native access management.

Custom Emails

Personalize email sent by Luckey improving deliverability rates, increase brand recognition, and enhance the overall user experience


With Luckey and FAR Booking, the company becomes a safe and pleasant place to work in an organized manner and with digital tools that support smart working.


It facilitates the management of business processes through an integrated solution for the management of access data and presence detection.

Planet App

Luckey and Planet app come together to provide a unique service to users of new generation buildings.

Witco Basic

With Witco you can offer your employees a unique work experience: booking meeting rooms and desks, hybrid work management, data and analytics


Luckey integrates Auth0 technology to provide you with cutting-edge authentication compatible with your business processes.

Nibol Basic

Sofia Locks and Nibol give life to an efficient system to manage flexible spaces and simplify the manager’s work.

Titiro App

Titiro and Luckey work together to allow you to better manage your building’s services and accesses.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks has joined forces with Luckey to bring you the most advanced building management system in both access and camera control.