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Bookey: Resources and Reservations

Do you have a space in your building that you want to share? Do you want to allow users to book their workstations and meeting rooms and access the building independently? Add self-service to your spaces with one click!

With Bookey you can create and manage resources within your building, from desks to meeting rooms, from lockers to parking spaces. Configure and customize your resources according to your needs, for example by setting a maximum bookable period. You can use analytics to track resource usage over time and create custom reports.

Benefits designed for you

  • Create and customize the resources in your space (meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces)
  • Authorize your users to book your resources independently and access your spaces following a booking
  • Monitor usage status via the Bookey dashboard and create your own custom reports
  • Manage your community events through a shared calendar with your users

Benefits designed for your users

Thanks to Bookey your users will be able to

  • Reserve available resources
  • Access your spaces and resources following a booking, without going to reception
  • View community events

Self-service in your spaces with Luckey’s safety and flexibility