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Invitations and Temporary Guests

The management of guests and temporary users is part of the daily work of those who manage complex structures. Thanks to the use of a secure and reliable invitation code system, the management of temporary guests becomes simpler and more secure, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and improving the overall security of the building.

The extension allows you to easily create custom invitation codes for each temporary guest and specify the areas of the building to which the guest will have access and the time period in which the code is valid. Once the invitation code has been created, you can send it to the guest via email, whatsapp and other means of communication directly from the Luckey Web application.

Temporary guests can then redeem the invite code in the Luckey mobile app, which allows them access to the building for the specified amount of time. Luckey’s Temporary Guest Management System also allows you to monitor guest access to the building and view a log of temporary guest activity.

Benefits designed for you

  • Use the calendar to create temporary credentials intuitively
  • Share invitation codes with your guests easily using your favorite application
  • Let your users share the code with a limited number of other users
  • Easily clear the passcode to remove guest login credentials

Benefits designed for your users

Thanks to this extension your users will be able to

  • Use the Mobile Luckey application without having to register on the portal
  • Access only the areas of the building included in the invitation
  • Share the code with other users based on the limits you set

With Luckey, managing the temporary guests of the building becomes easy and secure thanks to the creation of personalized invitation codes, which can be sent directly from the application, which allows you to monitor guest access and guarantee the security of the building.