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Luckey Multi-Site

Luckey’s Multi-Site addon provides a powerful solution for organizations that require independent access control management across various sites. Whether you have multi-site offices or retail stores this addon empowers you to manage access rights efficiently, user permissions, and security settings for each location from a centralized platform.

With the Multi-Site addon, you gain granular control over each site’s access control parameters. You can define specific access rules, set up customized user groups, and manage credentials for each location independently. This flexibility ensures that each site’s security needs are met while maintaining centralized control and oversight.

By implementing the Multi-Site addon, organizations can enjoy several benefits. First and foremost, it provides enhanced security by allowing tailored access control for each location. You can ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific areas, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry or data breaches.

Additionally, the Multi-Site addon improves operational efficiency. You can streamline access management processes, simplify onboarding and offboarding procedures, and respond quickly to access control changes or incidents across all sites. This level of control and automation saves valuable resources and ensures smooth operations even in complex multi-location environments.

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