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Luckey introduces the Visitors Management addon, a powerful solution designed to streamline visitor registration processes while enhancing security measures. With this addon, Luckey supports two main visitor flows, catering to walk-in visitors and pre-appointment guests, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for all stakeholders involved.

With Luckey Visitors Management Addons you will be able to manage different types of visitors:

1. Walk-in Visitors Registration

With Luckey’s Visitors Management addon, walk-in visitors arriving at the reception can register themselves autonomously. Through an intuitive interface accessible via tablet or kiosk, visitors can input their details, including name, contact information, and purpose of visit. This self-registration process not only reduces waiting times but also empowers visitors to take control of their registration process, enhancing overall satisfaction.

2. Visitors with scheduled appointment

For guests with scheduled appointments, Luckey offers a seamless check-in process. Users can create appointments for their guests and generate a unique visit code, which is then sent to the guest’s mobile device. Upon arrival, guests simply enter the visit code into the tablet application at the reception, enabling swift and efficient check-in. This digital check-in process minimizes paperwork and ensures a smooth transition from arrival to access.

Benefits of the Visitors Management Add-on

Effortless Visitor Tracking

Bid farewell to cumbersome manual tracking. With Luckey’s Visitors Management Add-On, administrators gain a comprehensive, user-friendly toolset to manage and monitor building visitors effortlessly. Say hello to a digital, efficient, and GDPR-compliant visitor management system.

Seamless Self-Service Check-In

Guest check-in is now a breeze with our self-service totem. Transforming the arrival process into a smooth and user-friendly experience, visitors can autonomously check themselves in. This reduces the administrative staff’s workload and ensures a swift and hassle-free welcome for all guests.

Instant Notifications

No more waiting at the reception desk. Visitors’ designated hosts receive prompt email notifications upon their guests’ arrival. This feature enhances communication and ensures hosts are well-prepared to extend a warm welcome to their visitors.

Enhanced Security and GDPR Compliance

Safety and data privacy are paramount. The Visitors Management Add-On enhances building security protocols and simplifies GDPR compliance. Automatic visitor registry and streamlined data management ensure that stringent privacy regulations handle visitor information.

Seamless Integration and Future-Readiness

The Visitors Management Add-On seamlessly integrates with Luckey’s broader access control ecosystem, ensuring a future-ready approach to property management. It’s an investment in security and efficiency that pays dividends well into the future.

Elevate Guest Experiences

In today’s world, guest expectations are high. The Visitors Management Add-On aligns with these expectations, providing a contactless, secure, and user-friendly guest arrival experience. It’s about making a strong first impression and setting the stage for a positive guest journey.

In conclusion, Luckey’s Visitors Management Add-On is your gateway to a more secure, efficient, and guest-friendly property management approach. Elevate your building’s security, streamline guest arrivals, and stay compliant with data privacy regulations—all with one innovative solution.