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This extension of Luckey will allow you to take advantage of an integrated data intelligence platform, designed to analyze all real-time information related to real estate properties. Thanks to the data analysis engine, you can obtain real-time information on the actual use of the spaces you provide.

The data intelligence platform offers greater visibility into possible additional services to offer to your tenants, allowing you to identify new revenue opportunities. Furthermore, you can use forecast analysis to have greater control over the cancellation rate of rental contracts.

Thanks to the real-time analysis of door openings, the access control system provides a privileged view on the actual use of the spaces. In this way, you can obtain detailed information on the frequency and duration of use of the spaces, which allows you to identify areas that require greater attention or optimization.

By defining the building parameters, you can calculate the profitability per square meter of your flex spaces. This way, you can identify the most profitable spaces and focus efforts on those areas to maximize profits.

The application allows you to monitor the efficiency of the use of spaces within your company, giving you valuable information on the frequency and duration of use of spaces by employees. This allows you to identify underutilized spaces and find solutions to optimize the use of the spaces available to your company.

Finally, you can create your own Dashboards and customized reports in just a few clicks!