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Cosoft is the french shared workspace management software designed to simplify the day-to-day operations of coworking spaces, third places, and shared spaces. With features such as autonomous reservations, automated billing, and enhanced social interaction among users, Cosoft streamlines workspace management and saves valuable time for administrators. Now, with our integration with Luckey, access management becomes even more seamless, allowing users to automate access to their workspace effortlessly. This document outlines the key features and benefits of the Cosoft and Luckey integration.

Benefits of the Integration:

  • Automated Reservation Management: With the Cosoft-Luckey integration, every reservation made in Cosoft automatically generates a PIN credential in Luckey. This PIN credential allows users to access designated spaces for the duration of their reservation, eliminating the need for manual access control processes.
  • Effortless Access Control: Gone are the days of manually granting access to shared spaces. With the Cosoft-Luckey integration, access control becomes effortless. Users simply make a reservation in Cosoft, and their access credentials are automatically generated in Luckey. This streamlines the check-in process and ensures a seamless experience for users.
  • Improved Efficiency: With automated access management and unified integration, administrators can efficiently manage coworking spaces, allowing them to focus on other aspects of workspace management.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users benefit from a simplified and autonomous journey, making workspace reservations and access seamless and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced Security: Automated access management with Luckey ensures enhanced security for coworking spaces, protecting both the workspace and its occupants.

The integration between Cosoft and Luckey offers a unified solution for workspace management, combining the functionalities of both platforms to streamline operations and enhance user experience. By automating access management and providing a seamless user journey, Cosoft and Luckey empower administrators to efficiently manage coworking spaces while ensuring enhanced security for occupants.