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We are excited to introduce the highly versatile Luckey Custom Fields Addon. This powerful feature empowers you to enhance your access control management by adding custom fields to your Users and Smart Locks.

With Luckey Custom Fields, you gain flexibility, control, and the ability to tailor your access control system to meet your unique requirements.

Benefits designed for you

With this addon, you can easily add new fields to both Users and Smart Locks. These custom fields can be of various types, including Numerical, Date, and plain text. Tailor your access control system to capture specific information that is relevant to your organization, such as employee IDs, hire dates, or room numbers.

With Luckey Custom Fields Addon, you have the power to tailor your access control system to suit your unique needs. Add custom fields to Users and Smart Locks, capture relevant information, and leverage efficient filtering capabilities. Embrace adaptability, enhance organization, and drive the growth of your access control management with Luckey Custom Fields Addon.