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Privacy matters, and with Luckey, you’re in command. Introducing Luckey’s Custom Privacy Settings, your gateway to tailor-made privacy policies and unparalleled data control.

With this powerful add-on, you have the power to define your custom privacy policies, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.. Craft and customize policies that resonate with your unique needs and share them effortlessly with your Luckey users. Stay compliant and up-to-date by seamlessly updating policies as regulations evolve.

Privacy matters, and we’re committed to helping you maximize it. With our add-on, you can choose whether or not to collect access data from your smart locks. Your privacy is our priority, and our dedicated Privacy Team is here to assist you every step of the way. We provide the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions about your privacy settings.

What do you get with this Add-on

  1. Custom Privacy Policies and policy updates
  2. Privacy Consent Register
  3. Custom Access History collection policies
  4. Custom retention period on Access History

Empower your organization to protect user privacy while maintaining efficient access management. With Luckey Custom Privacy Settings, you’re in control of your privacy. Take the first step towards a more secure and privacy-conscious future.