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We are excited to introduce the integration of Luckey’s cloud-based access management platform with Eagle Eye Network, the industry’s leading cloud CCTV system. This powerful combination brings unprecedented security and convenience to your fingertips.

The integration between Luckey and Eagle Eye Network allows you to easily manage your access control and CCTV systems in one unified interface.

The great thing about Eagle Eye Network is that Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is compatible with more than 3000 IP digital, analog, HD over COAX and body worn cameras. You can easily check the compatibility of your camera directly from the following link:

Details of the integration

  • Connect your Eagle Eye account with your Luckey Administrator account with just a few clicks
  • See the list of your cameras and their live feed directly from the Luckey web application
  • Assign multiple cameras to a single lock or a single camera to multiple locks. A distinct icon will appear on the block detail page, providing access to live video feeds and camera management.
  • Suppose an event is triggered while the smart lock is connected to an Eagle Eye camera. In that case, an icon will appear next to the event allowing you to access snapshots of the camera associated with the smart lock.

Benefits for you

By leveraging the integration between Luckey and Eagle Eye Network, you get a ton of benefits that elevate your security management capabilities.

Simplified Management: No more juggling multiple platforms. With the integration of Luckey and Eagle Eye, you have a centralized hub for both access control and CCTV systems. Simplify security management processes and increase efficiency.

Real-Time Insights: Access live camera feeds and stay informed of what’s happening on your premises. Detect potential security breaches, track visitor movements, and promptly respond to any incidents, all from the Luckey interface.

Advanced security: By associating smart locks with specific cameras, you get a complete view of critical events. Whether it’s an unauthorized access attempt or a door left open, the integration provides you with video snippets that offer valuable insights and help you take appropriate action.