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Door Status Management

Luckey HyperSensor DS is designed to provide continuous monitoring of doors, windows, or any other object you want to monitor, providing real-time information about their open or closed status.
With its compact and easy-to-install design, HyperSensor DS offers a cost-effective solution for maintaining security and managing access control in various environments. Whether monitoring the entry points of a home, office, or commercial facility, HyperSensor DS ensures you stay informed of the status of these crucial access points.

Benefits for you

  • Easy installation and synchronization with your Luckey system
  • Quick overview of monitored doors in your Luckey Web Dashboard
  • Viewing the History of the sensor allows you to track the open/close cycle of the door for the specified time frame
  • Export Sensor History data in a format of your convenience

Luckey HyperSensor DS is a powerful and convenient solution for monitoring doors in your access control system. With its easy installation and seamless synchronization with your Luckey system, you can effortlessly enhance the security and visibility of your premises.