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The integration between Luckey and Nexudus allows your users to access your space independently using their smartphone as a key, or their company badge.

Automate workflows, simplify operations, support your users and scale with Nexudus, the white-label platform to manage Coworking and flexible spaces.

Connect your Nexudus account with your Luckey system and start using the integration right away!

Through Nexudus and Luckey you will automatically get:

  • Automatic synchronization of users from Nexudus to the Luckey platform
  • Automatic access creation through Nexudus Passes synchonization.
  • Login with Nexudus on both Luckey Web and Luckey Mobile Application

What you can do with Nexudus

  • Issue invoices and receive payments automatically
  • Enable members to book resources and check availability online
  • Track your contacts through our CRM
  • Integration with the most popular solutions

What you can offer your users

  • Engage your community through the Member Directory
  • Create events and sell tickets
  • Fully customizable member mobile app available to all your members
  • Fully customizable member portal
  • Discussion boards for the latest communications and business updates from your members