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Items Register

The state-of-the-art offices and new residential solutions make the most diverse services available to users. With Luckey’s digital register, managers can always keep an eye on the assignment of any type of object, from access cards, to tools and vehicles.

The digital register allows managers to manage and make available to users any type of object or resource (for example a projector in an office, or a bicycle in an apartment building). Individual users can check which objects have been assigned to them in the appropriate section of their personal App.

  • Registry integrated with the control panel and user records
  • Custom and filterable object categories
  • Quick assignment of resources
  • Integration with calendar for resource allocation period

Users find a dedicated section in their App to know at any time which objects have been assigned to them.

Add the digital registry to your extensions to manage any object and resource with the simplicity and security of Luckey.