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This feature allows your user users to create PINs for a subset of doors in a building, which they can share with guests and couriers who need temporary access to the building.

This feature offers greater security and control to users who can allow access to certain areas of the building only to authorized people and only for a limited period of time. Furthermore, the self-generation of the PIN guarantees its uniqueness and prevents it from being easily guessed or discovered by other unauthorized persons.

Benefits designed for you

  • Allow your users to manage their guests independently
  • Always stay in control: Generated PINs will always be visible from the admin panel

Benefits designed for your users

Thanks to this extension your users will be able to

  • Manage your guests independently
  • Create temporary PIN codes to share easily via the mobile application
  • Share the code with other users based on the limits you set

With this innovative feature, your users can grant secure and temporary access to guests and couriers, offering greater control and ease of managing access to building doors. Ensure the safety of your guests and your building with this innovative solution!