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In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, seamless communication between building management systems (BMS) and access control infrastructures is paramount. Enter HyperBridge – the innovative solution poised to revolutionize building management connectivity.

HyperBridge serves as the vital link between the customer’s building infrastructure and the Luckey Cloud ecosystem. Through its advanced capabilities, it facilitates bidirectional communication, enabling the seamless exchange of access control data.

At the core of HyperBridge’s functionality lies its ability to receive access control data from the Luckey system and transmit it to the customer’s BMS. This ensures that crucial information regarding building access is readily available to the BMS, empowering facility managers with real-time insights.

What sets HyperBridge apart is its versatility in catering to diverse BMS protocols. Whether it’s KNX, BACNet, or other industry-standard protocols, HyperBridge seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

By leveraging HyperBridge, customers can unlock a plethora of benefits:

  • Real-time access control data integration enables proactive management of building security, enhancing overall safety measures.
  • The seamless communication facilitated by HyperBridge fosters operational efficiency, streamlining facility management processes.

HyperBridge isn’t just a device; it’s a gateway to enhanced building management capabilities. As organizations strive for greater efficiency, connectivity, and security in their facilities, HyperBridge stands at the forefront, offering a solution that bridges the gap between access control and building management systems.